Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology
Politehnica University of Bucharest



The 2023 Doctoral Symposium on Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology (SD-ETTI 2023) will provide PhD students working in all areas of electronics, telecommunications, and information technology with a unique opportunity to share their mature or ongoing research work and ideas and get suggestions and feedback from renowned and experienced researchers in the field. This would allow the authors to extend their work after the symposium based on the feedback received and target top tier journal publications. The venue will also be a networking event allowing them to get in contact with the relevant industry.


General Chairs

  • Bogdan Ionescu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Mihnea Udrea, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest

Honorary General Chairs

  • Gheorghe Brezeanu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Paul Svasta, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest

Technical Program Chairs (by alphabetic order)

  • Andrei Anghel, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Ioan Bacivarov, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Nicu Bizon, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Eugen Borcoci, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Mihai Ciuc, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Rodica Constantinescu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Claudius Dan, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Mihai Datcu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Bogdan Florea, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Carmen Florea, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Laura Florea, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Simona Halunga, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Radu Hobincu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Ion Marghescu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Iulian Năstac, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Șerban Obreja, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Marian Vlădescu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest

Financial Chair

  • Ion Marghescu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest

Proceedings Chairs

  • Ana Maria Drăgulinescu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Mihai Dogariu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Alina-Elena Marcu, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest

Industry/Sponsorship Chairs

  • Mihai Gabriel Constantin, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Liviu-Daniel Ștefan, Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include but are not limited to contributions of electronics, telecommunications, and information technology in:

  • Devices, Circuits and Sensors
  • Reliability, Maintainability, Safety, Security
  • Microelectronics
  • Microprocessors
  • Autonomous Robots
  • Power Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Medical Electronics
  • Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits
  • Optoelectronics
  • Networking Layer on Devices
  • Antennas and Propagation
  • Communication Theory
  • Integrated Networks and Services
  • Business Models, Services Requirements and Management
  • Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and Internet of Everything
  • Advanced Mobile Technologies and 5G/6G and Beyond Networks
  • Orchestration, Management and Control in Communication Systems and Networks
  • Advanced Technologies in Networking: SDN, NFV, Virtualisation
  • Quantum Computing & Quantum Communications
  • Radiocommunications, Wireless Communications
  • Mobile, Vehicular and Transportation Networks
  • Modelling, Simulation and Measurements
  • Microwaves Technologies and Systems
  • Satellites, Space Communications, UAVs
  • Security and Privacy of Information, Systems and Networks
  • Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing
  • Remote Sensing
  • Renewable and Green Energy, Grid Networks, Power-line Communications
  • Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems, Machine Learning,
  • Robotics and Control Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Image, Video, Speech, Language, Multimedia, Biomedical - Processing and Systems
  • Software Systems - Specification, Design, Implementation, Testing, Integration
  • Software Development Technologies, Languages and Tools
  • Computer Vision
  • Big Data, Databases, Datasets
  • Information Retrieval, Data Warehouses, Data Mining
  • Information Technologies Applications

Submit your contribution

PhD students are invited to send a working note type paper of at least 2 pages plus bibliographic references providing a technical description of their contributions.

The language of presentation is English.

A PhD student must be the first author of the paper.

Papers will be single-blind reviewed by at least 3 senior researchers from the field.

All accepted papers will be presented orally at the venue which is organized by the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology, within Politehnica University of Bucharest, in Bucharest, Romania.

The submissions contain:

  • 1 PDF file consisting of the article which must comply with the CEUR-WS.org Workshop Proceedings 2-columns template which is available at [link].
  • 1 PDF file consisting of a letter of recommendation from the student’s PhD advisor, verifying the student status of the applicant, date of advancement to PhD candidacy, and the expected date of thesis defense or graduation.

Submit your contributions using the Microsoft Conference Management System (CMT) via the link [https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/SDETTI2023].

Important dates

  • Paper submission: July 17, July 31, 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: September 1, September 15, 2023
  • Camera-ready papers due: September 8, September 22, 2023
  • Registrations due: September 22, 2023


The proceedings of the symposium are to be published online with CEUR-WS.org [https://ceur-ws.org/]. These are open source and are traditionally indexed in the DBLP computer science bibliography.


Registration is free for PhD students from Politehnica University of Bucharest. A fee of 200 Euros will be applied to the participants outside the university. We adopt a “no show” policy, i.e., papers which are not presented at the conference will be excluded from the proceedings.


For any additional information, please contact the doctoral school at .