Established in April 2012, the Doctoral School of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (SD-ETTI) within the Politehnica University of Bucharest (UPB), organizes advanced doctoral studies in the fields of Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies. It annually hosts over 250 PhD students and has 57 [PhD supervisors], renowned personalities in the field. During the course of the doctoral thesis, PhD students benefit from funding through participation in research and development projects, scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education or through the Structural Funds programs, as well as private scholarships offered by companies such as NXP Semiconductors Romania or Infineon Technologies Romania. To date, it has graduated more than 250 [doctoral engineers]. With thousands of publications in [journals and conferences] from the main dissemination flow, patents and products, dozens of [implemented projects], national and international, both from academia and industry, and a high-performance [research infrastructure], it is the most prestigious ETTI doctoral school from Romania. SD-ETTI is an international doctoral school, hosting several foreign doctoral students annually and some of the doctoral theses being jointly supervised with universities [around the world].

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#Admissions2022# all the information for the 2022 admissions to the postdoctoral programme are available here


#Admissions2022# all the information for the 2022 admissions to the doctoral program are available here The application and selection process will be carried out continuously between April and September 2022.


#Admissions2021# all the information for the 2021 admissions to the postdoctoral programme are available.


#Admissions2021# all the information for the 2021 admissions to the doctoral programme are available.


On December 27, 2020, the national vaccination campaign against COVID-19 started.

Theses defense

Defense datePhD CandidateProfessor
2023-03-27 12:00
Location: ETTI, Sala consiliu Microsoft Teams
Pantelimon-Teodor TIVIG
Optimizarea planului de control în rețele definite prin software / Control plan optimization in software defined networks
Prof. dr. ing. Eugen BORCOCI
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