Gheorghe POP
Data și ora: 2020-09-04 11:00
Locația: Microsoft Teams
Rezumat teză de doctorat: Accesează
The uninterrupted evolution of audio recording forensics is driven by the accelerated rhythm at which new technologies are set up every day, for acquiring, transmission, and recording of speech signals. The public availability at an increased scale of these technologies compel practitioners in the field to permanently update their examination means, techniques, and methodologies. Contributions detailed in this PbD thesis are part of this activity succession. Having in mind that the authentication of audio recorded conversations is key to the validity and admissibility in court of such evidence, upon which the case decisions are based, most of the presented contributions tackle the authentication problems and so they have the most complex implications. The other contributions cover the main subfields of digital audio forensics. The systems and methods of analysis described in the thesis reflect current concerns of forensic expertise laboratories and are ready for introduction, with minimal adaptations, in the common toolset for usual forensic audio practice.

Conducător de doctorat

Prof. dr. ing. Corneliu BURILEANU, Universitatea Politehnica București, România.

Comisie de doctorat

Prof. dr. ing. Gheorghe BREZEANU, Universitatea Politehnica București, România
Prof. dr. ing. Daniela TĂRNICERIU, Universitatea Tehnică “Gheorghe Asachi” din Iași, România
Prof. dr. ing. Corneliu RUSU, Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca, România
Prof. dr. ing. Constantin PALEOLOGU, Universitatea Politehnica București, România.

Comisie de îndrumare

Prof. dr. ing. Dragoș BURILEANU, Universitatea Politehnica București, România
Conf. Horia CUCU, Universitatea Politehnica București, România
Dr. ing. Andi BUZO, Universitatea Politehnica București, România.